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LeesAdventureSports.com is for people who love the outdoors. We’ve pulled together the best resource guides and gear advice to help people save time and money on outdoor adventures.

We’re here to share our passion for the outdoors with you! We write about everything from climbing and kayaking to hiking and skiing, and much more!

We hope you enjoy what you read and feel free to leave us feedback. Our mission is to help the world get outside!

Our content all comes from true outdoors explorers. We want to share the things we are most passionate about with you! We think there’s a lot of garbage content out there on the internet and so we want to reverse that trend. Every article and guide on this site comes from someone who’s clicked on the skis or ascended the 14’er.

We take authenticity very seriously. Our site is bootstrapped, so we only report on what we want without outside influences. We’re not here to sell you anything, just provide you with good content.

We want the outdoors lifestyle to be accessible! That’s why we work with companies who share that passion and believe in our cause. Above all else, we want everyone to get outside and enjoy life on their own terms.

In all transparency, affiliate links are a portion of our income, but we maintain complete editorial integrity and never receive any financial compensation from manufacturers for reviews.

We hope you enjoy Lee’s Adventure Sports and thank you for your support. We also welcome feedback, and it is frequently incorporated into the site. Please feel free to contact us, leave a remark below each post, and connect with us.


Jesse Blaine

Jesse Blaine

Jesse is the owner of LeesAdventureSports.com, contributes to a lot of the material, and directs day-to-day operations. He lives in Colorado with his wife and kids and loves the outdoors. He’s an avid skier, hiker, kiteboarder, and adventure sports explorer. Jesse has also traveled the world and lived in five different countries. He speaks several languages and loves communicating with people.

Content Creation

All of our content comes from people who love the outdoors. We take pleasure in having an authentic group of workers and freelancers who genuinely love and live the outdoors. Instead of employing normal writers to cover the outdoors, we place a high value on outdoor experience and gear knowledge. Our team has spent numerous days and nights in the woods, on mountainsides, sleeping in tents, getting up early for that one killer shot, and putting in days on end behind a computer screen to bring you this free outdoor knowledge. This is important because we know what we’re talking about and we want our readers to be educated and informed.

If you’re interested in writing for LeesAdventureSports.com or want to be part of our growing community then reach out at jesse@leesadventuresports-9e177c.ingress-daribow.ewp.live .

Outdoor Life

There’s something freeing and restorative about soaking up the outdoors. It’s about slowing down, living life on your own terms. This is what we’re passionate about and why we write! Soak up the outdoors lifestyle with us.

We try to focus more on informational content and guides than on gear. We want to be like Wikipedia for the outdoors. We’re constantly updating this site and many of our posts are written by people who actually use the gear they review. We don’t do sponsored posts or reviews, so we make sure that what you read is useful content!

The outdoor lifestyle is incredibly exciting and offers a lot. We believe everyone can benefit from the outdoors! Whether you’re an aspiring kayaker, climber, skier, mountaineer, or even just a Sunday hiker – we want you to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

Our outdoor guides are free and we hope you can use them to get outside!


This is an independent guide not supported by any entity nor was it created or modified by a manufacturer. This website uses affiliate links that may earn us money. Any links to retailers are not under my control and I am no way responsible for their online platforms or resources that they offer, but always strive to remain objective in our articles, how-to guides, and reviews.

That being said, we are independent reviewers and guides. Even though we receive lucrative offers to place products on the top of our reviews, we always maintain authentic editorial independence. What you see is what we actually observed.

Our mission is to provide the best resources with honest opinions at absolutely no cost to you! We all have different needs in equipment so please contact us if you have questions about gear before using our suggestions.