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House On Your Back - Camping Classes

Every spring we teach backpacking and camping classes to help hone those skills and get you ready for backpacking season. We call it House On Your Back, and class kicks off this March. Classes are Thursday Nights: 7:00PM - 7:50PM right here at the main store. These classes are not only free of charge but also each class you come to earns you a discount. If you come to every session, you get yourself a 16% discount to use on all the cool new gear you just learned about. Sharpen those number 2 pencils, class starts soon!

Class Schedule:

Session 1: March 14

Layering Systems
This session will look at options in layering and what's new this spring in technical clothing. We will also give an overview of the HOYB schedule and our upcoming spring events.

Session 2: March 21

Packs and Packing
Backpack brands, features, and benefits will be discussed as well as what comprises a proper fit. There will also be tips on how to properly pack a backpack to ensure weight distribution and comfort.

Session 3: March 28

Tents & Shelters
Everything from tarps and bivy sacks to car camping and expedition tents will be covered. Our technical and practical information will help you choose the right house for your back.

Session 4: April 4

Bags and Pads
Finding the right sleeping system will always make your night a pleasant experience. Sleeping bags, pads, and sleeping safety will be discussed.

Session 5: April 11

Water Filtration
In this session, we'll become backcountry water savvy as well as how to preserve our backcountry water sources from pollution.

Session 6: April 18

The Outdoor Kitchen
Let's look beyond noodles and oatmeal. We will share great meal ideas and discuss stoves, fuel, cook sets, and water filtration systems.

Session 7: April 25

Boots and Feet
How to determine appropriate footwear, proper fit, shoe construction, and footbeds will be the topics for this session. Related items like socks and waterproofing will also be covered.

Session 8: May 2

Backcountry Skills
This lesson will be on essential backcountry skills like Leave No Trace Ethics, orienteering, and basic first aid.

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